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No number of ads will compensate for a leaky funnel. We'll diagnose and fix the faults on our 90 min call

  • 1 x 90 minute strategy call over zoom
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  • 1 x week follow up Voxer support
  • Your Bespoke Funnel Fix

I train and mentor the largest group of sleep consultants in the UK. Since working with the amazing and super lovely Polly Lavarello we've now gone global, training people from all over the world. Polly supported me on my first ever Facebook ads launch and she wanted my launch to succeed as much, if not more, than I did - which I loved. Polly is absolutely incredible at what she does and the way she connects with her clients. I cannot recommend her enough.

- Karen Bramall, Sleep Expert

Working day and night to generate more leads?

Having a shiny website that's doing nothing for your business?

Spending a fortune on ads that don't convert?

Hitting your head against the same income ceiling?

The hustle?

Yes! Help Me!

Founded in February 2020, Polly Lavarello Digital has supported 250+ heart centred entrepreneurs to fix their funnels, optimise their ads - and scale their businesses with soul. 

Having run hundreds of thousands of pounds through funnels and generated multi 7 figures in sales - Polly's passion is helping conscious entrepreneurs thrive.

Equally obsessed by data and what drives people to buy, our unique Funnel Fix blends both elements so that you can confidently walk away with a funnel that flows.

This is for you if you 

  • are a coach, consultant, online course creator or service provider who wants to scale your online business
  • want high return sales funnels
  • want to spend less time marketing your business so you have more time doing what matters to you

This is NOT for you if you are

  • an e-comm product business
  • not interested in scaling your business
  • running an offline business only
  • into the hustle and grind of growing an online business .. because we are all about simplicity and ease

Polly Lavarello is a FB Ads Empress. Not only have I recommended Polly's work to many, many of my peers, but I love what she does and HOW she does it so much that I have her coaching my clients on how to slay their own FB ads. Whether you're thinking about hiring someone to do it for you or aren't quite ready to go the whole hog and want to go for it yourself, I recommend Polly without hesitation.

- Suzy Ashworth, 7-Figure Coach

➔ Confidently fix an underperforming funnel
➔ Increase your sales conversions
➔ Increase your audience growth
➔ Learn how to build your first funnel
➔ Increase your ad campaign results without touching your budget
➔ Walk away with a bespoke strategy for your business

Yes! Apply Now!

➔ Create passive income streams
➔ Generate quality leads
➔ Launch with success
➔ Host webinars bursting with new prospects
➔ Create a rapidly expanding subscriber list
➔ Sell out your programs
➔ Get the ROI you’ve always dreamed of?

Yes! Apply Now!

You’ve got this it’s time to take it to the next level.

Before hiring Polly to manage my Facebook ads, I was DIYing in sporadic intervals - mainly when I was entering into a launch. I had no gauge on how to interpret the data beyond whether to put more in or turn off...

In only a couple of months since hiring Polly, we have grown my email list by 1000 targeted leads and conducted a launch to a brand new audience of people that converted at over 6% which is unheard of! I’m excited to get moving into funnels and bring more of Polly’s sharp, strategic mind into play.

Working with Polly has been a delight. I know that she has things in hand beyond any level I would be able to manage on my own. She is passionate about the vision I hold and comes up with creative, exciting ways to spread my message. During my launch, Polly was on hand for support at all crucial moments even when they fell outside of her working hours.

If you’re thinking of hiring Polly - I honestly can’t think of anyone I would trust more with one of the most important pieces of my business. The passion, integrity and love that Polly brings is rare. Polly is a keeper!

- Laura Husson, Master Subconscious Transformation Coach “I honestly can’t think of anyone I would trust more with one of the most important pieces of my business”

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