Build your list with quality leads for only £10 a day

(no dancing or miming neccessary)

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You, my lovely, are a heart-centred, motivated and impactful change-maker. 

Coach, course-creator, content manager or spiritual teacher…
you’re in the business of serving.

Of helping others and making a difference.

But you’re also doing all the things and wearing all the hats.

Running a business is hard!

But it doesn’t have to be a constant hustle.

We’re all about sustainable, aligned business here.

Sustainable income, sustainable for your wellbeing and aligned to your life and values.

It’s time to stop trading your time for money and living in an income feast or famine.


Trust me, I’ve been there..




I started my business in 2019 as a newly single Mum of two on universal credit. I was tired of hustling for contracting jobs. I wanted stability so we could move out of the tiny flat we were living in. 

I was scared and in shock - How did this happen to me?

Two years later, I’m running a 6-figure Ad Agency and online coaching business. 

At the beginning, I did all the things.

But then I started to leverage and automate (I’m a tech geek).

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Visability, marketing, list building, sales… these can all be automated.

In fact, it’s better that they are...

No offence, but your organic reach ain’t got nothing on the power of the algorithm!

Here's the Truth

🙅🏽‍♀️ You can’t wait until you have the time and energy to share your freebie (because we know it always gets bumped to next week’s to-do list).

🙅🏽‍♀️ You can’t sit and hope for a magic collaboration or podcast interview.

🙅🏽‍♀️ And you definitely shouldn’t rely on your launches to build your list.

It needs to be a consistent effort.

Building your list throughout the year is the key to the success of your offers and programmes.

It’s the key to new clients, more reach and way more impact!

It’s the key to that consistent monthly income you want and NEED (hello bills!) .

Building your list all year round means:  


  • More Visibility - 78% of your emails will be delivered compared to 10% visibility on your social posts.
  • Personal Contact - Speaking directly to everyone on your list builds a cosy connection and trust.

  • More Sales - People are 6x more likely to buy from you once they’re a subscriber on your list.

SIX TIMES - no brainer right?

And if you are planning on launching soon, it means you can be savvy with your budget and take the pressure off during the launch. 

Instead of throwing money at Facebook ads
when you’re launching, using that precious budget to test your audiences and ads and relying on all these new people to buy your £997 programme after only knowing you for a week…

... why wouldn’t you test those audiences in advance with a small daily budget and welcome new people to your list who you nurture for months before you launch. 

Give them oodles of value, build that “Know, Like and Trust” factor and maybe even start small with a low ticket offer.

Have I convinced you of the superwoman power of your list yet?

Imagine this…

👀 That killer lead magnet you’ve created is getting seen by hundreds of potential clients every day.

🙋🏽‍♀️ Your perfect match people sign-up and start their journey through your fool-proof funnel.

💌 Your email welcome sequence triggers.
You build a connection with them, they get to know you and learn why you’re an expert in your field.

📱 They start following you on IG and join your free Facebook group.

💸 *Ding* Email from Stripe… Someone has just purchased your low-ticket offer. Yas!

❤️ You nurture these new people with an easy weekly email and social posts.
Did you know that people on your list are 6x more likely to buy from you!? Hello warm audience for your next launch or offer.

💯 With your scroll-stopping ads and full proof funnel, you’ve now got hundreds of new people on your email list, you’ve sold more of your low-ticket offers than ever before and you’ve got a warm audience just waiting for your next launch or offer!

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Ps. You don’t need to pay thousands. You can get all of this for the same cost as a glass of pinot!

(large obviously)


More Bang 💥 Less Buck 💰

A step-by-step programme that shows you how to build a high-performing ad campaign for less than £10 a day which you can have live in 2-4 weeks.


Here's what past clients
have to say...

"Polly has a gift, not only is she a whizz at funnels and ads, she has a way in which she lovingly helps guide you with her honest, strategic approach. She is such a joy to work with and someone you can 100% trust to give you sound advice that gains the results you need. She's amazing!"

- Deborah O'Grady, The Brand Coach & Co

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Check out these results 👇🏽👇🏽


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Let's take a look inside...


More Bang 💥 Less Buck 💰 is a self-study, online programme that you’ll do in four phases.

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The Set-Up

Create a secure, verified ad account and audit your funnel so it's ready for all the traffic you'll have flowing in all summer


  • Module 1: Setting-Up and Safeguarding Your Account

  • Module 2: Verifying Your Domain

  • Module 3: Auditing Your Funnel

The Tech

Learn how to set-up your pixel, link it to your website or funnel and track your leads using the event management tool.
Tech without tearing your hair out!


  • Module 4: Setting-Up Your Pixel

  • Module 5: Tracking Your Funnel

  • Module 6: Aggregated Event Measurement

  • Module 7: Creating your Targeted Audiences
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The Creation

It's time to write your ad copy, knock it out the park with Canva graphics and create simple videos that convert (check out the bonuses below to help with this). 

  • Module 8: Writing Your Ads

  • Module 9: How to knock it out the park with Canva graphics

  • Module 10: How to create simple videos that convert

The Lift-Off

That's right, we're hitting publish! Combine everything from Phase 1-3 and get those ads out there! After that, you'll learn how to read your ad results, know when to optimise and how to troubleshoot.


  • Module 11: Putting it all together and going live!

  • Module 12: Troubleshooting & Scaling
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Enroll Now 



One Payment




2 Monthly Payments



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Banging Bonuses (for no buck)

In addition to everything inside of More Bang 💥 Less Buck 💰, I’m also going to throw in 5 bonuses to give you a kickstart to creating and launching your high-converting ad campaign!

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Q&A Audit Group Calls with Polly

Join your expert coach Polly live for monthly Q&As, account audits and ad reviews.

You can be confident knowing that your set-up is perfect, your tech is firing and your ads are scroll-stopping!

You'll be inside the private More Bang Less Buck Facebook group for 3 months to get support and meet other inspiring biz owners.

(Value = £498)

Pixel Primer

Pixel Primer is my £197 mini-course that I’m bundling into More Bang 💥 Less Buck 💰 totally free!

Pixel Primer will teach you how to confidently prime your pixel to cut your ad costs, retarget warm prospects, increase your sales without touching your sales page, and work *with* the new IOS14 updates.

All of this, in four 15-minute modules.

(Value = £197)

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Canva Ad Templates

Don’t spend hours on Canva fiddling around with your ad design!

Drag and drop for scroll-stopping ads with a set of Canva templates designed by Eva Couto Design.

(Value = £197)

Create a Lead Magnet People Will Love

To have a full-proof funnel and high-converting ads, you need to have a killer lead magnet!

This download will teach you exactly how to create a lead magnet that your audience needs and will actually complete!

(Value = £297)

Facebook Ads Library

I’ve got an eye for great ad copy and creative. And I know how helpful it is for you to have inspiration at your fingertips while you’re writing and designing yours.

You’ll get access to a library of Facebook Ads created by successful coaches, course-creators and entrepreneurs.

(Value = £197)

Ready to snag these bonuses?

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Suzy Ashworth, 7-Figure Coach

"Polly Lavarello is a FB Ads Empress. Not only have I recommended Polly's work to many, many of my peers, but I love what she does and HOW she does it so much that I have her coaching my clients on how to slay their own FB ads. Whether you're thinking about hiring someone to do it for you or aren't quite ready to go the whole hog and want to go for it yourself, I recommend Polly without hesitation."

Let's wrap it all up...

Here's what you get
when you join...

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Instant access to the complete More Bang Less Buck programme

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Lifetime updates to the programme

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Bonus #1: Q&A + Audit Group Calls with Polly

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Bonus #2: Pixel Primer 

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Bonus #3: Canva Ad Templates

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Bonus #4: Create a Lead Magnet People Will Love

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Bonus #5: Facebook Ads Library

When you add that all up, it comes out to over £2,000 worth of value!

But you can access the special price of £497



One Payment




2 Monthly Payments


Still not sure if this is a perfect fit?

More Bang Less Buck is for you if:

✔️ You want consistent growth and income 

✔️ You’re tired of spending all your time creating reels, going live and chatting in your DMs, and seeing no real growth

✔️ You know what a funnel is and you’ve created one before - it’s time it make it fool-proof

✔️ You’re over the hustle and doing all the things. You want a hands-off way to have new leads flowing in

More Bang Less Buck is NOT for you if:


❌ You don’t have a website, established social accounts or a clear offer

❌ You don’t have a budget (£10 a day) to put towards your ads

❌ You’re launching TOMORROW and you need you ads live asap

❌ You need 1:1 support and coaching

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Hello lovely, I'm Polly.

I believe this World needs more successful empowered women - whose missions are to create a positive impact. Who lead with heart and work within integrity.

I'm a Facebook Ad Strategist and Funnel Expert with over ten years experience in advertising and marketing. 

Since 2019 I have worked exclusively managing and teaching Facebook ads to coaches, online course creators and experts - supporting 6-figure launches and 7-figure evergreen funnels

Ready to More Bang Less Buck? 

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