Is my Ad Manager broken?

facebook ad strategy Feb 26, 2021

I see you eager beaver 🦫

Learning all the Facebook ads skills.

Setting up your pixel.

Sorting out your targeting.

Hitting publish on your ads.


Err, why are my ads running slow?

Here’s something you may not know

It’s not necessarily you.

You can have *all* the right knowledge - and Facebook can just be glitchy.

AND... You can find out right now

Is it you? Or is it Facebook?

With this link >>>

Yes, it gets to be that easy!!

However - if your ads aren’t running as they should - AND you can’t blame it on FB.

You and me need to talk.

Aside from Facebook Ads Management, I also support clients with:

⚡️ Power hours

⚡️ Done with You Facebook Ads Management

And if that's not in your budget..

⚡️ Free weekly live tutorials in Digital Marketing Made Simple my free Facebook group.

And very soon

🤩 Online courses!

What I'm basically saying is, if you need support, I've got you babe.


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